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Broker Associate | REALTOR® | ASP® | Social Media Specialist

Mary Grace Kelleher offers a dynamic and multifaceted outlook on the world of real estate. Having grown up in a family of small business owners, she pursued an undergraduate degree in Business Entrepreneurship from Arizona State University to include a minor in Fashion Design, with an emphasis in International Business.

As an experienced social media marketing expert, avid influencer, and skilled photographer, Mary Grace brings unique flair to The Tara Kelleher Team, with a style and vision to help her clients envision and understand how to turn a house into a home! In earning her Accredited Staging Professional® designation, Mary Grace has developed a deep understanding of real estate trends and the aptitude for preparing homes to sell in the fastest amount of time for the best possible price. Mindful that the investment you make in home ownership is your biggest asset, Mary Grace is committed to helping her client's realize their dreams and reach their goals, whilst upholding the highest level of morals and values.

A passionate traveler, Mary Grace has seen most of the continental US, as well as many countries throughout Western Europe, the UK, and even a week-long tour on camelback in the Sahara Desert. More recently she enjoyed a postgraduate trip to Indonesia on a visit to see friends in Bali. Throughout her travels among diverse cultures, it became evident the definition of “home” transcends all, and there is but one meaning regardless of the sticks and bricks by which it is built; it is the shelter in which we reside that keeps us safe and secure, whether alone or with others and where love exists between the walls.



Favorite Podcasts: Stoic Coffee Break: A meditation on stoic principles to be a better human. TILclimate: An award-winning MIT podcast about climate change.

Favorite Quote: “Until we make the unconscious conscious, we will call it fate and it will rule our lives.” -Carl Jung

Favorite Destination: Indonesia offers some of the most scenic views on this planet. I felt inspired by its natural beauty and the country’s spiritual, down-to-earth culture and traditions.


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